Today is: 21 Czerwiec 2018

In the modern houses the staircase is placed in the open area, they are a part of the living room, the hall or simply go through between them. The shape of staircase influences the composition and the interior appearance. The traditional or the exclusive spiral staircase ordered by and adjusted to the Customer's wishes are the dream of every house owner. The company Tralex has been on the market dealing in staircase production since 1990. Our wise policy, smartly invested money as well as our patience have let us upgrade our machinery. We can be proud to be able, as ones of the very few, to bend wood, which enables us to produce exclusive spiral staircase. The whole production process is digitally assisted by CNC processing centre which is milling staircase stringers and cuts them out with matchless precision. In our offer you will find laying staircase of different shapes, spiral staircase, wooden concrete floors and already mentioned bent staircase. The staircase must go with a proper handrail and we have a selection to choose from. We offer different handrails from wooden, hammered or acid-proof steel. We cooperate both with individual customers, interior architects or developers. All our products have the necessary European and Scandinavian certifications.

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